The Start of My Writing Journey

Welcome to my site! For most of my adult life, I have enjoyed reading the work of others on blogs.  It has been a goal of mine to start a blog, so here I am today.   I hope to use this means to engage with the finance community, while learn from others and learn via researching my own posts.  I anticipate focusing on topics involving public and private markets, behavioral finance, and my CFA Exam progress (more on that below).   A little about me: I am a mid-30s male, married with kids, based in the Midwest.  I work as a financial analyst for a large bank, with a focus on private credit.  I also plan to sit for CFA Level I in August 2022.  Part of the reason I mention the CFA Exam is that, like blogging, it has been a goal that I have put off for too long.  I hope that writing about my CFA progress will help hold myself accountable.  If you are reading this well after I sit for the exam, hopefully you can learn from my successes or failures.   Enough about me.  Hopefully the next post